Introducing Luxembourg
Luxembourg is a founding member of the European Community and has traditionally been an open door to transnational trade.
This outlook and way of working with organisations in different countries is an essential part of the ethos held by the lawyers at Etude LEMMER.
A country offering numerous advantages
The banking sector in Luxembourg is increasing every year and continues to progress. There are currently 153 banking organisations located in the country.
Among other things, the appeal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is based on the attractive tax environment, the quality of its financial services and its absolute banking secrecy.
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has succeeded in creating an environment that favours private initiative by offering structures with extremely competitive operational expenses.
We have an attractive system of holding companies (societes de participation) and risk capital investment companies (SICAR - Societes d'investissement en capital a risque), as well as investments funds.
There is a large range of financial and tax investment incentives which encourage the establishment of new companies.
Etude LEMMER can help you to obtain all the information you need on these subjects.
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